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Northumberland Young Carers Directory

A young carer is “anyone under the age of 18 whose life is in some way restricted because of the need to take responsibility for the care of someone, usually in their family. Many young carers assume significant levels of responsibility normally associated with an adult. It should not be assumed that all children whose parents are ill or disabled are automatically young carers; however an increasing number of disabled and ill adults are forced to rely on their children for their survival and wellbeing, resulting in their children becoming young carers”.

VoiCeS Northumberland have gathered information about services and support available to young carers in Northumberland and have presented this as a directory of support for young carers.

This directory is designed to be used by young carers, their families and practitioners who want to find out more about local support available.

Support for young carers in Northumberland is offered through generic young people’s services and a few dedicated young carers services, some of which are VCS organisations and some statutory agencies.

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If you would like information about your service to be included in the directory or if you would like to provide an update for the information you have submitted we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact Caroline Friend at or 01665 713109

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