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Northumberland Young Carers Action Plan, reflecting the Northumberland Carers Strategy,  identifies the desired outcomes for young people with caring responsibilities as being:

  • Identified early

  • Assessed appropriately and comprehensively

  • Fully informed of the;

  • opportunities available to them and their families

  • care/support needs of the cared for

  • Safeguarded against taking on excessive responsibilities which prevent them achieving their full potential

  • Supported in a manner that is in line with their wishes and their identified/assessed needs.

Since September 2013, VoiCeS has undertaken development work to support delivery of the action plan under 3 strands.

Undertaking a ‘mapping’ exercise to establish the whereabouts of existing delivery (dedicated or not) for Young Carers across a range of providers, including statutory, voluntary and private sector activity to develop a directory of services

Develop, establish and maintain a Young Carers Reference group in order to explore how the voice of young people with caring responsibilities can best be represented, reflected and influence and inform service provision within Northumberland. To read our first report [link to report in publications]

Facilitate a Young Carers Community of Interest to provide a mechanism for the sharing of information, knowledge and resources across practitioners in the county [if you are interested in joining our mailing list please email

The next phase of our development work will focus on:

  1. To update/ maintain the ‘directory information’

  2. To maintain the participation of young carers in a ‘reference forum’.

  3. Maintain, and extend, the Community of Interest mechanisms to provide an ease of access for information for practitioners working with, or interested in working with, young carers.

  4. Pilot awareness raising activities with young people and practitioners around the identification and support of young carers’ e.g. Updating young carers’ notice boards in each of the High Schools.

  5. A 3 month scoping exercise around the feasibility and development of a Young Carers Charter scheme for Northumberland.

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