Safe in our Community

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Safe in our Communities is a project of VoiCeS Northumberland which sets out to build community awareness and understanding of safeguarding particularly in relation to children1 and vulnerable adults.

The safety of the children and vulnerable adults in our community is important to everyone. We hear every day about individuals who, tragically, are being abused; some are losing their lives. Statistics tell us that every day in the UK two children die having suffered terrible abuse. We all have a responsibility to act to ‘stamp out’ this abuse and as an organisation whose works brings them into contact with children and vulnerable adults, you are in a position to help.

VoiCeS Northumberland has developed a resource pack to assist community venues to identify the small actions which trustees/committee members, staff or volunteers can take to ensure that the very best is done to keep all children and vulnerable adults safe from harm in community activities and to ensure that there are appropriate safeguarding procedures in place. Together we can make a difference.

The pack includes all you need to get started and covers the areas of; The Venue, Safeguarding & Child Protection, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Code of Conduct, Speaking Up, Health & Safety, Recruitment and Data Protection.

It will help you to understand the issues around safeguarding and take a few simple steps to do something about it in your community. Remember, it’s the small actions that we can do that will make the difference and safeguarding is everyone’s business.

If you would be interested in finding out more about the resource pack please contact us on  01665 713109 or e mail

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